Posted on March 23rd, 2017

Q1 - Spring Newsletter

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Organizational Focus for 2017 Announced

2017 is off to a strong start! The Board of Directors has named the organizational theme for the year, The Quality Continuum. The board has held two meetings, filling the roles necessary to move forward with organizational housekeeping and preparing for the annual conference. The theme will guide the goals and content of the annual conference coming in October. Speakers are already being recruited. If you would like to speak, or have a related topic and speaker in mind, please submit your ideas to Tanya Scott, education chair. Tanya will manage referrals for review by the board and possible inclusion. You input is welcome, so we can serve our members!

Letter from the President – Becky Gallo

Hello and welcome to an exciting 2017. It is an honor to serve this wonderful organization. The knowledge and information held and shared by the members of this group are unparalleled. I would like to take a moment to thank our Board. Being on the Board is completely volunteer, and the reward is being able to provide a dynamic educational conference for our members at the end of the year. I regret that for this year we have had to put a hold on the educational webinars. The task of finding speakers and doing the set-up are too much for our Board to continue at this time. We would be interested in the possibility of pod casts at some point. If you have time or a talent that you are able to contribute to this great organization, please consider contacting me for information on how you can be not just a member, but an active one.

2017 Board Members


Becky Gallo


McGuire VA Medical Center

Immediate past president

Brenda Lamb



President Elect

Elizabeth Mikula


CJW Medical Center


Karen Wentzel


Mary Immaculate Hospital


Susan Johnson



Membership Chair

Betsi Hurd


Hope In-Home Care, LLC

Education Chair


Colonial Heights

McGuire VA Medical Center

Web Administrator

Kevin Doyle



Nomination Committee

Dwan Elliott

Sandra Kuhn

Bonnie Barbini




CJW Medical Center

Erickson Living

John Randolph Medical Center

Board Members at Large

Cindy McNew

Susan Pace

Carla Thomas

Wendy Sale

Adrienne Cole-Williams

Diana Wilhite



Glen Allen




CJW Medical Center

McGuire VA Medical Center

Health Quality Innovators

VCU Health

Novant Health Medical Group

Inova Fair Oaks

Membership News

Let’s grow!

Call for new members: Currently our organization has approximately 70 members. If you know another professional, seasoned or new to the work product, bring them into the group. If you know someone who is graduating from a school of nursing, membership is affordable and an excellent way to emphasize, through collegial association, the importance of quality and safety in all aspects of care; of quality and safety at any point along the continuum of care. Membership is a way to introduce anyone who is new to a quality department, no matter their professional discipline, to the importance, goals, and many facets of healthcare quality. A larger membership that is representative of the entire state and the multiple disciplines will allow growth. Growth will tap into the expertise of those resources, strengthen the organization and hopefully precipitate the reinstatement of the robust education programs we had in the past, enhancing value to all. The Board sincerely encourages everyone to recruit new members, or re-engage former members.

Value for membership
At $50 per year, the Virginia Association for Healthcare Quality offers one of the most cost effective professional memberships available for healthcare quality disciplines. What do we do currently?

  • VAHQ supports those quality professionals seeking and maintaining certification in healthcare quality (CPHQ).
  • Annually the VAHQ hosts a two day conference offering continuing education credits that can be used for both nursing licensure and CPHQ re-certification requirements.
  • VAHQ presents an annual recognition award for an outstanding quality professional.
  • Networking with other quality professionals offers insight and appreciation into the depth and breadth of The Quality Continuum, breaking down silos between specialties who contribute to the same outcome.


Where would you like to grow?

  • The board reports requests for webinar packages for ongoing education in healthcare quality topics. **Cost effective options to resume are being explored.
  • Do you have ideas? Please submit those ideas and accompanying logistical recommendations to the board through the VAHQ home page, Contact Us.

2017 VAHQ Annual Conference

Call for speakers: It’s never too early to get started, and planning is underway. Let this newsletter serve as a call for speakers. Employing the theme of The Quality Continuum, Tanya Scott, education chair, is already lining up speakers.

The quality continuum in healthcare allows the inclusion of lots of topics for learning. It includes concerns of safety and performance, customer satisfaction, public health, operations of long term care and acute care organizations, physician groups, management of records, and finally meeting requirements of regulatory and compliance bodies. So the continuum includes literally every service that touches a healthcare consumer. We look forward to a robust conference agenda. Please don’t hesitate to submit your topics of interest, or volunteer to speak as a subject matter expert.

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